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Full car dealer level fault diagnostics

We have the latest equipment for most manufactures that will diagnose faults with you car.

Car body repair

Car Body Repair and Respraying

From dents and scratches to accident repairs, our mechanics cover the full spectrum of repairs.

Clutch replacement

General Repairs

Our trained mechanics can repair or replace all your vehicles faulty components we offer complete car care

Private and commercial vehicles

Private and commercial vehicles

We can handle the big and the small


Fortron Injector Cleaning

clean your cars engine from the build up of carbon and other deposits and improve responsiveness and miles per gallon ( mpg )

car Injector repair

Air conditioning system service

You need this working summer and winter get is refilled

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injector repair

Fortron Max Clean

The service we offer uses the latest technology , to clean the engine from the build-up of carbon and other deposits , restoring vehicle efficiency, improving MPG and reducing harmful emissions. Don't go spendings hundreds of pounds replacing your injectors , which may just need a clean.

ecu remapping

Engine ECU remapping.

Engine chipping came about after the introduction of the ECU. Since the early 1990s, most engines have been controlled by an on-board computer, the engine control unit (ECU), which amongst other functions, defines the ignition timing, fuelling and boost pressure for all given engine speeds and loads.ECU remapping lets us change the way the engine is controlled - and engine tuning gives you a more engaging drive.