(Diesel Particulate Filter)


We deal with blocked or erroring DPFs. We can successfully clean your DPF and restore it to as new condition without the need to replace it saving you £££' and time. Our mechanics have been using the Fortron cleaning system for over a year now and we have had 100% positive results on petrol and diesel vehicles

Fortron Injector Cleaning

Cleaning from £99

The service we offer uses the latest technology , to clean the engine from the build-up of carbon and other deposits , restoring vehicle efficiency, improving MPG and reducing harmful emissions. Don't go spending hundreds of pounds replacing your injectors , which may just need a clean

Dealer level fault diagnostics

at local garage prices.

Your car is clever! All modern vehicles have some form of engine management systems, computer diagnostics and other kinds of technology to keep them running at their best. These systems monitor the internal & external workings of your vehicle. When something goes wrong a modern garages first port of call will normally involve some kind of electrical diagnostics check. We can help. You need a garage with the right diagnostics for your vehicle to give you the most in depth and speedy diagnosis possible. At Nottingham Tuning & Repair Centre we have invested heavily in our equipment, we have many different kinds of diagnostic equipment each designed for you cars manufacture. You don’t want a garage that has a one fits all approach, you need a service tailored to your vehicle.

Services we provide.

  • Dealer Level diagnostics with savings over main dealer pricing.
  • All makes and models
  • Simple reporting on your car’s faults.

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